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Home Projects: Cost to Value and How to Maximize your Sale Price

I am often asked which home upgrades add the most value to a home. Below, you will find a table of projects, costs, and the percentage of investment that was recouped. This data is from 2021 and is specific to Denver, CO. The table can be a great guide to help you consider how to maximize your return on investment with remodeling or renovations. If you’re undertaking these remodeling projects to prepare to sell your home, the design specifics will have a big impact. Choosing options that have wide appeal will often result in the greatest return.

Because each home and project is unique and current styles and trends can be important to future buyers, it’s a good idea to have a professional visit your home and help you consider which projects will help you to get the biggest return on investment.

To learn more about maximizing your home projects and how to increase your selling price, reach out and let’s schedule time to connect!

*Adapted from Remodeling’s Cost to Value annual data reports.

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