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Bri Erger


Real estate has the potential to bring people together, build resilient communities,

and create a spark that elevates our local community.

I love helping individuals and families buy and sell their homes.

I also believe there is an opportunity to expand access to homeownership through creative models – co-buying, co-housing, housing cooperatives, and rental collectives – and by ensuring more people have the tools to make homeownership a reality. 


At my core, I believe real estate can and should be advancing social justice. As a realtor, I am committed to helping artists, activists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, educators, and essential workers to continue thriving in the cities and neighborhoods where they work.


This looks like helping you access education and resources to make homeownership a reality. It means breaking the cycles of poverty and building your own wealth and equity through homeownership. It also means I invest my time and resources into organizations and communities that are also prioritizing social justice. 


I believe in bringing people together, building resilient communities, and creating a spark that elevates our local community. I know real estate has the potential to do this and that’s why I am committed to harnessing my energy and passion to help shift our collective future so it is more equitable, regenerative, and just.  

The real estate industry can do better and
my goal is to show how.

Redistributing wealth is one part. I'm committed to investing my financial resources in organizations I know are working to advance social justice. That's why 5% of each commission I earn goes directly to a non-profit or organization of my client's choice.

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Recent Clients 

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Ready to Work Together?

The first step is to connect so I can hear more about your homebuying goals

and answer any questions you may have.


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