Open Dialogue

If you could ask a stranger a question about anything — what would you ask?

In a time when the world can feel divisive and separate, the Open Dialogue project taps into our shared humanity. As an ongoing photo storytelling project, Open Dialogue explores the depth and connection of humanity across an array of people from different backgrounds and experiences. The project works by capturing the images of participants in the moment they respond to a question presented from the person of the previous portrait.

Open Dialogue is more than a conversation among strangers — the project also creates in-person events to bring people together for in-depth interactions.

With a diverse group of people participating, we are creating a richer, more inclusive human dialogue. By fostering community events,  the Open Dialogue project is helping to spark conversations, to show that we are more connected — and more alike — than we realize.


How does it work?

We find a time to meet one-on-one at a place of your choosing.


I ask you to come prepared with an open-ended question for the person who I will meet with next.


I then ask you the question from the previous person and shoot your portrait in the moment you answer.


I'll record your answer and later transcribe the words to place beneath your portrait. 


And that's it.

Human connection through photography, questions, and answers.


All participants are added to my invitation list for all upcoming community events. 

Ready to join the dialogue?

Send me an email and we'll find a time and place to meet.

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